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Friday, December 25th, 2009
1:14 pm - yuletide, woo
Santa person,

OK, I'm pretty thrilled right now (um, understatement). But I can't leave you a comment on the a03 server 'cause I can't get that page to load properly. My computer, the server, I don't know. However! When I got your fanfic open last night, I immediately saved it to my hard drive and scurried over to leave a flurry of twitter comments. So if you want to see the first embarrassing flush of OMG OMG, that's where it wound up. :D

(My mother phoned today find out why I hadn't shown up at their house. That was because I'd passed out, face to keyboard. Holiday!fail.)

I'll keep trying at various intervals, I guess? Yow, sorry 'bout this.

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009
10:21 pm - and the yule addendum (no. 4)
Buy that lottery ticket now! Or, a whole entry devoted to RPSCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
2:12 pm - yuletide letter, 2009
HI! Hi hi hi.


Uh. Okay.

Thank you so much for volunteering to write me a fanfic for one of my requests. Just take it for granted that I'm going to love you and anything you do. Anything. I'm a totally safe recipient because I'm one of those EASY people. As you'll see.

So, from the top . . . I'm going to babble about each fandom for a bit, more to give you a general idea of why I like them than to steer you in any specific fanfic direction. I'll toss in some helpful links, when applicable, when it occurs to me to do it.

(Also! If you were matched with me for a fandom that, on sober reflection, you're regretting, and now you really don't want to do it, that's cool. I'll give you some information about the other requests (and how to lay paws on them) so that you can decide whether you'd prefer to switch to one of them instead. I've done that myself more than once. I consider it a valid yuletide survival strategy.)

I'll finish up with some stalking aids, if that's something you want. Most people seem to indulge (yeah, me too), so noooot a problem.

Fandoms 1 through 4, woot!Collapse )

stalking aids, if neededCollapse )

If at some point you see me shrieking and tossing ashes and rending my garments and tearing my hair in this vicinity or elsewhere, just ignore me. That's simply my typical yuletide behavior, and NONE of it is about you or what you're doing. Seriously. You light up my life (<-- singing tunelessly). We share a fandom, which is awesome in a box (with a sparkly bow). Not just that, you offered to write one of my fandoms. So that box contains awesome-sauce on a fruitcake of awesome! (Um, yes, I like fruitcakes. :) I'll be pausing from sobbing over my own assignment to think happy, fond, positive thoughts about you for the next month--and rooting for you, 'natch. Thank you. :D

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
9:01 am - yuletide, Brimstone, doodles

Extra bonus doodle collection from xsmoonshine, now moved into their own post for room! Clickie for the larger versions. "You can rest when you're dead."
and there are more . . .Collapse )

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Thursday, January 1st, 2009
1:02 pm - Yuletide 2008 Reveal: Brimstone

This year, I wrote another TV fandom.

Title: 26 Views of Mount Meggido (34814 words)
Fandom: Brimstone
Recipient: Angie (shortcakegreen)
Summary: Others can fight the monsters and wrestle the metaphysics. All Ezekiel Stone wants out of his afterlife is his marriage.
Rating: PG-13
Betas: basingstoke and Jen (random_chick)

Some random commentsCollapse )

Fanfic music (with download)Collapse )

eta: Extra bonus doodles from xsmoonshine here.

As for what I got, I've already burbled madly about it. Now I know who wrote it!

Title: Rare Birds and Strange Beasts (3129 words)
Fandom: Running Out of Time aka Am Zin
Writer: psychomachia
Summary: How do you know we will happen on the way to each other in our sleep?
Rating: R

I'm still feeling incoherent about the whole thing. Please see my previous post on this subject for more burbling.

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Sunday, December 28th, 2008
10:30 am - yuletide 2008 recs
I've been reading a lot of yuletide fic, and I've sort of lost track of how many. But a few of them (so far) have been sticking hard in memory, and I think I'll probably be looking them up again in a couple of years. I like plotted fanfics, I tend to like longer ones, and I think genre fic (like mysteries and horror) are keen.
Read more...Collapse )

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9:12 am
Insane lately, what with one thing and another. HOWEVER. I need to point to/chat about this. The fanfic I got for yuletide, which deserves a lot of love:

Rare Birds and Strange Beasts
Fandom: Running Out Of Time aka Am Zin

Check out the pretty movie trailer (subtitled) on youtube. Note that the old guy with the camera and the woman who gets the kiss on the cheek from Inspector Ho are both Cheung, Our Antagonist.

Running Out of Time is an entry in the cat-and-mouse, cop-versus-criminal genre, but it's also a buddy flick, in that Our Hero (the cop) and Our Antagonist (the criminal) wind up working together (after a fashion) by the end. It's not a spoiler to mention that Our Antagonist is dying from a terminal disease; although he's a tricksy, tricksy guy, the movie makes it clear early on that this isn't merely another feint on his part. Screwing with Our Hero and manipulating him into a role his elaborate revenge heist is intended to be Our Antagonist's last hurrah.

But the ending is rather ambiguous, so who can say for certain?

This movie is, in one way, a pretty typical Hong Kong buddy flick, but other ways it's not. There are two Obligatory Female Potential Love Interests inserted into the movie; they in no way impact on the plot, and one of them even wonders (hilariously) if Our Hero isn't gay -- but he isn't listening because he's too absorbed in Our Antagonist's Interpol file.

I don't think it's far-fetched to read this entire movie as an exceedingly quirky romance.

I've been requesting slash fanfic for this movie for a few years though I never really thought I'd ever get it. BUT! This year! Proved wrong! YES! And it's the perfect fanfic for this movie, so I won't be requesting any more. Seriously, it runs along the same lines as the "perfect fanfic" that I'd had in my head, only, y'know, way better written. :D

The style and the plot are both vaguely noirish, with Inspector Ho being practical and dour (and in denial), and Cheung being his usual tricksy self as well, right up to the end. And the molasses slow, subtle, clever progression and reveal are perfect. And there're all the canon callouts -- cross-dressing and handcuffs and even a nod to the blindfolds used in the advertising cover art. Plus sex. :D

I'm also tossing out a few quick links to help explain what's going on in this fanfic.
* Picture of a family altar. Note the oranges and incense.
* Currency of the realm.
* Cheerful seasonal article.

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Monday, November 10th, 2008
11:48 pm - yuletide 2008
Yuletide Person!


But seriously. I am. :D

First, thank you so much for volunteering to write me fanfic for one of my requests. Just take it for granted that I'm going to love you and anything you do. Anything. I'm a totally safe recipient because I'm SO EASY.

So, okay. First! I'm going to babble about the fandoms zomg! I'm going to toss in some helpful links for the ones that you didn't volunteer for -- just in case you decide that this whole yuletide thing this year was an Awful Mistake because you got me and you'd rather run away to a monastery in Tibet or something (NOOOO DON'T GO! Please stay and write me fanfic?) -- so you'd like to consider one of the options you don't already know about.

After that, I'll try to fill in some of the me-related blanks, in case you'd like that as well. Stalking is a valid yuletide hobby, enjoyed by many.

Fandoms 1 through 4, woot!Collapse )

stalking aids, if neededCollapse )

You offered to write one of my fandoms, so of course I'm thinking happy, fond thoughts about you. And if you write something you like, I'm positive I'll like it, too. Thank you so much! :D

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Monday, December 31st, 2007
4:30 pm - yuletide 2007
Fandom: Max Headroom
Title: Flexible Parameters (131 K)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As the great sage Murray once said, "You can't fake a tape! Pictures don't lie! At least not until you've assembled them creatively." Edison Carter has a brush with video scandal. Max is determined to annoy. Bryce is self-programmed to help.

Written for swtalmnd, who wanted Edison/Bryce. (And so did I, actually. :) Yes, this fandom is normally het, and, no, this fanfic isn't. If you've never heard of this fandom, here are a few Youtube links:
* Original opening
* One of the original commercials
* Later commericial, featuring Bryce (one of the two main characters in this fanfic)

This U.S. series (ca 1987) was based on a U.K. TV movie of the same name; it ran on ABC, and was canceled before it could complete a full season. It's not available on DVD, but it can be downloaded in its entirety (including an originally unaired episode) via bittorrrent: first batch and second batch.

As for me, I got Right on Your Table, a Starman fic, which was sweet and gen and written by jadelennox.

So this was my yuletide of '80s TV. :D

as for the restCollapse )

Most of the comments on this fanfic occurred during the period when the notification emails were on the fritz. If you commented but didn't get a thank you reply from me, here it is: THANK YOU! I really did appreciate it!

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Sunday, December 30th, 2007
5:52 pm - yuletide recs (3)

My simple criteria: I tend to like plots. I tend to like pastiches. I read outside my own fandoms. I reserve my reccing for the fics that I'll go back later to reread a few times. At present, I'm bouncing randomly around in the archive with no particular pattern -- but hey, I just hit the letter O! Previous sets here and here.

Fandom: Okami

Land of One Hundred Stories

* "Ain't nothing that can't wait an hour. You know `Do You Know the Way to Mt. Hiei?'"
* Waka brandished his flute. "Standard ondo progression, watch me for the changes, and try to keep up."
* He was reminded of the first true piece of art he had created as a child: White Dog in White Fog. It has truly been a masterpiece to challenge the very boundaries of `what is art?' despite his instructor's accusations of laziness. It seemed slightly less amusant now.
* Amaterasu gave him a look that said that one of them was wise, talented, and in possession of a clever plan, and the other wore purple pants.

* What is it?
Plotted, playable art, it seems. Winda Benedetti, 'Okami' is a visual feast -- and a good story, MSNBC [online], Sept. 21, 2006; Okami Trailer #2 (Youtube); Okami,

In this (gen) fanfic, Waka and Amaterasu wander into a town full of fog, with suspiciously cool, laid-back residents.

* Why read it?
Oh lord, this is such a cute, funny/punny fanfic. You don't need to know anything about this game/fandom to appreciate the fanfic (I certainly didn't, until I looked it up afterward). I can't say enough good things about it. It has an interesting plot that seamlessly weaves together a number of folktales, and witty, clever dialog. I loved it.

Fandom: Onmiyouji

A young noblewoman is troubled by a demon snake.

Botan Doro
Abe no Semei exorcises a ghost.

* What is it?
Two (very slashy) movies, manga, novels based on historical figures. Abe no Semei is an onmiyouji (a wizard) who often works for the royal court. Hiromasa is his frequently perplexed young nobleman friend. They're very much like Holmes and Watson, the setting is medieval Japan and the cases are supernatural.

* Why read them?
Both of these are plotted mystery (gen) fanfics that make good use of folklore elements. My favorite is the first one which has an interesting structure, but the second has a neat, unexpected turn in the middle.

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2:01 am - yuletide recs (2)
My simple criteria: I tend to like plots. I tend to like pastiches. I read outside my own fandoms. I reserve my reccing for the fics that I'll go back later to reread a few times. At present, I'm bouncing randomly around in the archive with no particular pattern. Previous set here.

More, in no particular order . . .

The Price of Surrender
Fandom: Slings and Arrows
Oliver threw a glance at Geoffrey, who looked slapped, and felt a moment of pity. Poor, eternally thwarted Geoffrey. Ellen thrived on adoration and bored easily, whilst Geoffrey probably considered Romeo & Juliet a how-to guide. Pathetic, really. And certainly a wretched dynamic for Hamlet and Ophelia, which meant distracting Geoffrey before he broke out into a sonnet. Oliver sighed and added `heterosexuals' to his mental list of the day's grievances.

* What is it?
Canadian TV show, Shakespeare and a theater festival. The main three characters: Geoffrey, who once played Hamlet, who is obsessed with Ellen, who had a mental breakdown that lasted years. Ellen, who once played Ophelia, who is the central obsession of Geoffrey's life, who was the main cause of his breakdown. Oliver, who directed them both, who was clearly in love with Geoffrey, who later returns to haunt Geoffrey. This fanfic is Oliver's POV and is backstory, the run-up to Geoffrey's breakdown, and it is slash.

* Why read it?
A angsty take on what could possibly be enough to push Geoffrey off the stage and into the pond with the swans. Here, Oliver is hopeless for Geoffrey and knows it, and it leads him into some really regrettable actions. Ditto for Geoffrey toward Ellen. As for Ellen, here she's the same then as now -- unable to keep her hands off any male on offer. All the S&A fic is good, but this one in particular met my fannish needs in the most satisfactory way. Familiarity with the series might be needed -- not sure.

A House in His Head
Fandom: CJ Cherryh - Alliance Universe
Listen to me, Grant, because this is very important. You are for Justin. You were made to be Justin's companion. You will be loyal to Justin. You will protect Justin. You will love Justin.

You will do this for the rest of your life. No matter who your Supervisor is, no matter who your operator is, no matter what other CITs want your attention, Justin will be the most important person to you.

You will always be loyal to Justin. You will always protect Justin. You will always love Justin.

* What is it?
Cyteen is part of the Union half of C.J. Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe, a society founded by scientists, who set up cloning facilities and psychological programming to create a servant class that responds to direction from trained Supervisors. Grant and Justin are both clones. Justin is actually a clone of his own father and is a citizen (CIT); Grant is an azi (servant), a clone of another scientist. Grant was created specifically to become Justin's companion, and they were raised as brothers. They both become educational teaching-tape designers, and eventually also become lovers in canon, but the hows and wherefores aren't explored. This particular fanfic tackles the problem of how an azi could enter into that sort of relationship with a brother/supervior. Slash, obviously.

* Why read it?
All the creepiness of Cyteen in one compact package. The implications of the society in the Cyteen books tend to freak out pretty much everyone who reads them, and this particular fanfic brings it all back to mind in spades. I'm not certain whether familiarity with the series is necessary.

Fandom: The Rabbis Cat
If I had imagined even for a moment that eating that parrot would grace me with the ability to speak, I would have done it years ago. I never liked the parrot.

Perhaps to one of its own kind, its noisy cries would have made some kind of sense. But not to us. It annoyed Zlabya, and even more, it annoyed me. The day I ate the parrot was the start of a new life. My own private new year. A day for rejoicing!

* What is it?
I have no idea! A graphic novel? It doesn't matter to enjoy the fanfic (gen!).

* Why read it?
It's interesting and intricate. The cat can talk, the cat can scheme, the cat wants to learn kabbalah, the cat pulls out every argument in the book to convince the rabbi.

Fandom: Diana Wynne Jones - Fire and Hemlock
When Polly was nineteen, she'd saved Tom, thwarted Laurel, and still wasn't sure what had happened to Mr. Leroy after he'd been sucked in by that pool. That was the easy part of being a hero. There was a hard part, and that was figuring out where one went after.

* What is it?
A one-shot book by DWJ, a variation on Tam Lin/Thomas the Rhymer. This (het/gen) fanfic is set after the end of the book. Polly has grown up and saved Tom, but now they have to figure out what that means for them both.

* Why read it?
This has all of the vague, undecided quality that the book often has. I like that they don't automatically fall into a romance here; they have to get to know each other all over again, and figure out how they're going to work. Knowledge of book needed, I think.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Sounded Like This)
Fandom: From Eroica With Love
Some change in the sound of the rain alerted him, and he looked up to see Eroica standing in the muddy gravel driveway that led up to the safehouse. He was soberly dressed, bundled up in thick boots and long black coat of no particular style. His gloves, hat and scarf were muddled shades of dirty gray. With his hair hidden under the hat, he appeared almost unremarkable... except for his umbrella, which was a screamingly bright red. After weeks of rain in the middle of a Prague winter, it was almost painful to look at directly.

Eroica always could find a way to be offensive.

* What is it?
Manga series. Eroica is an earl, a cat-burglar, and flamboyantly gay, and very much taken with Klaus. Klaus is an officer with NATO, and the definition of repressed, and So Not Interested. (I've never read the manga -- I'm not fond of the art style.) This fanfic comprises a linked series of incidents in which they work together, clash, and come to a resolution. Slash.

* Why read it?
A very cool variation on the enemy slash theme here, where Klaus is the one who's doing all the pushing and offending. No knowledge of the manga necessary!

Plus ça change
Fandom: Bon Cop Bad Cop
"Might I remind you that this is my vacation?" said Martin. "I'd like to actually spend some of it with--"

"We're going to see an art gallery right now," said David. "Isn't that what your people do on vacation?"

"My people."

"Your people," repeated David. "The sort of people who wear these, tsé, these ties on vacation."

* What is it?
Canadian buddy-cop flick! Ye Classic Mismatch: Martin Ward is an uptight, suit-and-tie inspector from Ontario; David Bouchard is a scruffy undercover cop from Quebec; and theirs is one aggressively Canadian fandom. In this fanfic, Martin gets drafted into working with David once again to head off an outre bombing plot. Slash!

* Why read it?
For the fun! This fanfic has such a good handle on the characterization, dialog, and the general dynamic with these two. I do find footnotes in fanfic distracting, but they're there if you need help with the French. Plus herein there be smut. I don't think you have to have seen the movie to enjoy the fanfic.

Black Moon in the Afternoon Sky
Fandom: After School Nightmare
A rattle and a slither, and you whip back, a scream trapped inside your throat; then you relax. It's not a snake, just the boneless arm with a hand at either end, inching its way down the hall. The fingers of the wrist with the bead bracelet feel around for obstacles, before the arm hunches up and pushes forward. After so long, the arm doesn't seem that strange anymore; you even feel a stirring of pity. This is someone even worse off than you.

* What is it?
A manga? I've no idea. Never read this one. The fanfic is, in turns, gen, slash, and het.

* Why read it?
Wowzer, this fanfic is so cool and well written. It's an utterly surreal, subtle, and creepy dreamscape, in which it's never clear what's really going on, yet you can't stop reading and trying to figure it out. No knowledge of source is necessary.

Psmith Ails
Fandom: PG Wodehouse - Psmith
"Ah," he sighed, much as Vercingetorix, upon seeing Caesar ride toward Alesia, might have sighed. "Yes, the pale figure you see before you is I. Behind these wan cheeks and creased brow lies the spirit of Psmith, now but a shadow of his former youth and vigour. Word goes 'round, 'Psmith ails,' and Society demands answers. Eminent doctors from the Continent puzzled. Crowned heads worried. World teeters."

Mike's concern became alarm, but as in all moments of great emotional distress in his life, he struggled to speak, managing to produce only a curt, "What's the matter?"

* What is it?
I've never read the books! But the fanfic is always rewarding on its own right. Here PSmith declares himself to be languishing from love, and it's up to Mike to find a means to console him. Somehow.

* Why read it?
More fun. It's short, adorable, and clever, and zero knowledge of source is needed.

Fandom: Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes series
The ones I particularly liked from the latest crop:
The Only Jealousy of the Brothers Holmes
* Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, interrelationships, suggested slash
The Kidnapped Instrument
* Casefic, more suggested slash

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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007
11:38 am - yuletide recs
My simple criteria: I tend to like plots. I tend to like pastiches. I read outside my own fandoms. I reserve my reccing for the fics that I'll go back later to reread a few times. At present, I'm bouncing randomly around in the archive with no particular pattern.

Every Land
Fandom: RPF - American Frontier
It took them a while; they were out of practice and it was fiendishly cold and they were wearing impossible amounts of clothing, and part of Lewis' mind really couldn't believe that he was being so foolish as to do this, this thing that had been part of their fondly-remembered youth, not at all part of their amiable and utterly intimate present. In the morning he would, in the morning he would -- in the morning, you will write a description of that bird that's waiting for you in the snowbank behind the kitchen, he told himself, you will lead an exemplary life of virtue, unbounded virtue, you will be a veritable model of all that is good and pure and right. But it is not in-the-morning, and -- he reached out and pulled the layers of Clark's clothes apart until he found his body, and slid down into the warmth under the bedding and sucked at him.

* What is it?
The Lewis and Clark Expedition across the new U.S. territories to the Pacific. This begins long before the expedition when the more level-headed Clark first meets the temperamental Lewis, both as military officers in the Northwest Territory. Meanwhile, far away to the west, Sacagawea is captured and enslaved by the Hidatsa. This story will follow their three lives up to and including the Expedition that would become the most liberated and best period for all of them, then continues through with the crumbling of their lives afterward.

* Why read it?
Because it's fantastically written. This is easily the best fic this year, and no previous knowledge of the subject is needed. The plot is gripping, all the characters are beautifully defined, the research is impressive, and the slash is . . . seriously hot. Yeah, it's long, but it is worth every word. If all history were written like this, no one would whine about class again.

There's Something Out There and It's Laughing at Us
Diana Wynne Jones - The Ogre Downstairs
"She turned Malcolm into a cat!" wailed Gwinny, again. "She asked me what I wished for and I said I wanted a kitty-cat to take care of and love and cuddle and she smiled at me and said 'Easy-peasy' and waved her hand and now Malcolm's a cat!" She turned back to the miniature girl, who was perched on the cow creamer with an amused expression on her face, all smug smile and peaches-and-cream complexion. "That's not what I meant!"

The milkmaid yawned, elaborately. "That's not really my problem, my dear."

* What is it?
The Ogre Downstairs is a one-off novel of DWJ. After a marriage blends two families -- the mother with her two sons and a daughter, the father (aka the Ogre) with his two sons -- the inter-household conflict that results flares into violence when a magical chemistry set is tossed into the mix. This fanfic is set after the book, with a new object of magical mayhem.

* Why read it?
I'm (too damn) picky with the fandoms I love to distraction, but I loved this fanfic. Surprise, it's slash! But, seriously, the best reason it rocks is because it's such a good pastiche of Jones style, and all the siblings included are so perfectly themselves. (N.B. There are two versions of this in the archive; one is a bad upload. If you see wonkiness, try the other version.)

Fandom: Sarah Monette - Melusine series

"I shouldn't care," said Felix. "You can sleep with who you like. You've made your feelings about me perfectly clear, and-"

"It's not like that," I mumbled.

"Then what is it like? You're only molly for whores?" He spat out the word like he hated it, and his beautiful face twisted on it. "Because, you know, I could charge."

* What is it?
Monette's fantasy books follow the chock-full-o'-UST travels of two half-brothers, Felix, a wizard (gay) who'd once been a prostitute, and Mildmay, a cat-burgler (not gay), who'd once been an assassin. This fanfic is a Mildmay POV section set . . . uh, somewhere in there?

* Why read it?
Wow, a major wallop of incest that we'll probably never get in the books, and it's done in perfect Monette style. I've got a serious weakness for good pastiches; add in smut and I'm so there.

The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert
Fandom: RPF - Punditslash
Like any good New Yorker, Jon spent a lot of time in therapy. He never questioned the fact that he spent far more time talking about Stephen than talking about his wife.

* What is it?
Political "fake news" hosts, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Stephen T. Colbert (in character) of the Colbert Report, both of U.S. cable network Comedy Central. Their weird relationship is the stuff fanfic was made for. In this particular version, "Stephen" is running for president of the United States, and he does not, emphatically not, absolutely not, in no uncertain terms not, not not not, want Jon as his running mate.

* Why read it?
It's funny! Jon is cross between a dedicated masochist and a rubbernecker at a crash scene, and "Stephen" is, as usual, so deeply in denial that he'll never recognize his own motives. I don't think much knowledge of the shows is necessary to enjoy.

Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools
Fandom: Sesame Street
"That's okay, Bert. We can use your oatmeal to help learn about my penis."

* What is it?
Sesame Street is a U.S. children's educational program that features Muppets. Alphabet, numbers, songs, and so on. Bert and Ernie are Muppet roommates on the show. In this fanfic, Sesame Street adds sex to its educational agenda, and they wind up fucking felting. 'Nuff said.

* Why read it?
Hahaha. Because it's the sort of thing that makes people yell, "Scarred for life!" and "Noes, my childhood memories are ruined!" And, because it's done mainly in the Sesame Street style of illustrating lessons, which is funny, yay.

And now [drumroll], what I got for yuletide. :D

Right on Your Table
Fandom: Starman (tv)
Sometimes when Scott had nightmares, it was Fox's laugh he heard. It was such a relaxed sound, so smug. It was the laughter of a man who knew that he'd won, who knew that you didn't have anything to bargain with because you were lying strapped to a dissection table in Peagram Air Force Base, your father just a few feet away but completely out of reach, staring at you in terror. Scott heard that laughter now, and it was no nightmare.

* What is it?
U.S. TV series from the 1980s that was a sequel to movie of the same title. An alien returns to Earth in a cloned human body to help his son locate his missing mother; all the while, government agents are in pursuit. A really sweet series that only lasted one season. In this fanfic, Agent Fox settles for capturing the son, Scott, in lieu of his father, Paul. Under lockdown and undergoing tests, Scott waits to be rescued.

* Why read it?
OK, I'm biased -- this was for me. Me! There was no fanfic for this series before, and NOW THERE IS. And it's good, too. Scott is his usual teenage, snarkful self, trying to talk himself out of an unwinnable situation. It has a plot! I just . . . yeah.

(Incidentally, Vez, thanks so much for pointing me at that youtube episode. I meant to say that before, but I got work distracted like whoa.)

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Thursday, October 18th, 2007
4:41 am - Look, yuletide post
So, OK, you've been assigned me, and right now you're no doubt thinking a) "Who the hell?" and/or b) "Nooo, why me? What did I do to deserve this?"

I know, I know . . .

So you have my profound sympathies, and I'll do what I can for you here.

for stalking purposesCollapse )

for fanfic purposes, generalCollapse )

for fanfic purposes, specificCollapse )

So there you go. Like I said, honestly, volunteering for these fandoms ensured you my love. You can't do anything wrong by me. So if you're worried now or get worried later . . . well, don't be. :D

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
4:31 am - mauve in chat, re: starman
Mauvecloud freaks me out by being a) very, very young and also for b) having a curiously exacting memory for odd, foreign TV shows with short runs.

wootCollapse )

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Friday, March 9th, 2007
10:52 pm - Five fanfics meme
I'd whined at La Q to do this one. Somewhat after the fact I'd considered . . . not kosher to whine when one is not willing to do oneself.

Even though I do that a lot. *dazed*

All right! Though I'm still finding it difficult to believe that I've actually cranked out more than five things.

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Monday, January 1st, 2007
4:01 am - yuletide 2006
Fandom: Elizabeth Peters - Vicky Bliss mysteries

-- 2006, for Sophie Richard: A Rose Enclosed
Summary: After accepting (most excellently paid!) employment at a brooding, ancient castle in Bavaria, the winsome, lovely ingenue Victoria takes flight from a dreaded rival for her dashing employer's affections, only to fall helplessly into the masterful arms of the mysterious Sir John Smythe. [What the hell is this, Schmidt? Try, "Can they spend over a week in each other's company without bloodshed?" That's more like it.]

-- 2005, for thermidor: Marginalia
Summary: Rosanna is in the gravest peril. So why does everyone insist on defacing Vicky's masterpiece?

Random mumbling:

Two years in a row, same fandom, same me. This year was difficult, to say the least. However, I thought they came out sufficiently different to pass muster.

Actually, I guess it's a two-for-one fanfic; the summary was a parody of a 1970s paperback-gothic cover blurb, and it's almost long enough to be a drabble. Not my first attempt at lit-pastiche (that was Diana Wynne Jones, a while back), but this was the first time I'd ever tried fanfic in the first person. Adding to my general Mary Sue anxiety was that I share a name, a college major, and an unholy interest in cathedrals with the main character. I sent her off on a trip that I'd have wanted for myself and turned a few Alarming Experiences of My Youth into fanfic fodder.

Might post the notes for this one later as I did for the longer one last year, world enough and time, etc. I'll fix the typos and other problems before I toss it onto Ficwad.*

*Yow. Betas listed on fanfic** not responsible for typos. No way. That was all me. I was so very sleepy and kept changing things right up to the point of posting.

**Mauvecloud and my sister saved my bacon in countless ways. No joke. Imagine the patience of someone who'll wade through a fanfic that's that long. Honestly. I felt guilty . . .

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
4:54 am - fanfic for me!
My demonically inspired holidays. :D

From my yuletide santa,
* The Field Trip. Fandom: Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made. Demons set loose in a museum, terrible (but funny) things result. This has such spiff Haga-sensei and Souya exchanges in it that I almost wish I'd just asked for a few thousand words with the two of them, but these things can't be predicted . . .

From mjj,
* Keepsake. Fandom: Hyakki Yakoushou/Le cortège des cent démons (Ima Ichiko). Ritsu has a conversation of vague squickiness with his "father." I'd no idea this one was heading my direction, so I'm all about the squee.

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Friday, December 22nd, 2006
12:22 am - santa note
My abject-est apologies for having been the most boring yuletide recipient ever. I'm very, very sorry. I didn't post anything encouraging for you. Or post anything at all, about anything at all, not over here, not over there. (Not in a box, not with a fox, not on a train, not in the rain . . .) The request that I got munched my brains (erm, well, for various reasons I can't elaborate on), and I spent two straight months broooooding over it. Everything else in the background just . . . went *poof.*

However! I'm super radically wildly off-the-ceiling bounced that you've posted one of my requests, and NO I CANNOT WAIT NO OMG! to read it. Three more days. so hard. whine whine. I'll get that feedback thingie o' joy up as soon as I can.

Thank you!!!

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Friday, December 1st, 2006
4:42 am - first annual self-pity fest
I've reread my victim's santa post, but it still doesn't say, "All I'd really like is an overly long, deadly dull fanfic, so I hope you'll write one for me."

I'll check back later. It might say that by then.

I am so doomed.

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006
10:56 am - uta-kata (what, again? Yes!)
I'm still chewing over that damn short story. Grr grr.

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